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Sony Signs Chrome Browser Deal With Google

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Sony has signed a deal with Google that will see the computer maker ship machines with the Chrome browser pre-installed.

Sony today said that all of its Vaio-brand PCs sold in the U.S. will ship with Google's Chrome as their default Web browser. The deal marks a first for Google, as the search company has never forged such a deal with a computer maker before. First reported in the Financial Times, a Google spokesperson confirmed the reports and called the deal "experimental," continuing on to say that the search giant is in talks with other manufacturers regarding similar deals.

How many of you use Google Chrome? More importantly, would you choose Chrome as your default browser if it were already installed on your computer when you bought it. Let us know in the comments below!

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    Herr_Koos , 1 September 2009 23:10
    No thanks. I'll stick with FireFox.
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    gamerjames , 1 September 2009 23:12
    I'd try it out, see if it was inconvenient or not. If it wasn't inconvenient and fairly easy to use, I'd keep it. If it was different from what I typically l look for in a browser, I'd keep it installed but put FireFox or IE as my default internet browser, since I am familiar with both
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    Anonymous , 1 September 2009 23:36
    I use it. Tried going back to IE and Firefox, but they just aren't as slick.
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    Anonymous , 2 September 2009 00:56
    Chrome is astonishingly slick and so simple. I'm a fan! I've been using and recommending it for months and I wouldn't go back. Far simpler than Firefox, smoother than Opera. IE 8 has stolen all of it's good ideas!
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    weefatbob , 2 September 2009 01:08
    I agree with sanphire, I have been using it since it came out last year, and although I have found it lacking in features at times, my internet usage is completely covered with what it is capable of now. It is very fast, clean simple interface and doesn't take an age to load like firefox and IE.

    Whenever I have to use either FF or IE it feels like I am going back in time 10years to the old netscape and IE from late 90's. They seem like dinosaurs in comparison, slow, dated and overloaded with crap I never want to use.
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    LePhuronn , 2 September 2009 03:00
    Chrome all the way - been my default browser since Beta 1 and never looked back. It also has some nice geek toys in it which have really helped my web development such as the Object Inspector and turning off individual styles from the style sheets to debug where things are going wrong!
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    malphas , 2 September 2009 03:05
    I tried it when it first came out but it was lacking in features I'd become dependent on and expected. I'm going to have to give it another go some time, as Firefox has gone downhill and IE/Opera aren't even worth considering in this day and age.
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    philmaxx , 2 September 2009 07:24
    Chrome is by far the way forward for simple, fast and reliable browsing
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    ukctstrider , 2 September 2009 18:41
    I used Chrome as my default and there are lots of cool features which IE and Firefox don't have so I wouldn't exactly say it is lacking in that respect. I can't seem to find a decent ad-block though :( 

    Saying that Chrome is faster is misleading too though, if you have one or two tabs open it is much much faster, but it suffers from bloat if you open too many at once. I think this is to do with the seperate processes per tab, which in some respects is a bonus and in others is a hinderence.

    Overall though it's got a lot of promise.
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    malphas , 2 September 2009 21:31
    When I tried it you couldn't even organise your bookmarks. I think that's long since changed, of course. The main appeal to me is the seperate process per tab, since at least once I day I lose my entire Firefox session from one of the tabs crashing.
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    devilxc , 4 September 2009 19:22
    When IE 8 came out I stopped using it and tried a few different browsers and settled on chrome.

    Chrome is fantastic, much quicker than IE. I haven't used FF or Opera in anger but I find the simplicity of chrome ideal.

    I have no need for add-ons or more features. I just want to look round the net as quickly as possible.