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Intel Skulltrail III - Eight against Four Performance Comparison

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    spuddyt , 5 February 2008 02:37
    so... all in all, it sucks
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    Flakes , 5 February 2008 13:51
    sounds awesome, but the performance is troublesome. if they swapped out the memory, and if games actually could use it, then it would be awesome! but if your thinking ill buy this to be future proof(you will soon find that you wasted your money)
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    Solitaire , 5 February 2008 20:46
    WRONG. This system will cost a HELL of a lot more than four grand.

    Why does TH assume you'd pair such a strong CPU setup with (comparatively) weak graphics? AFAIK just one GTX costs a fair bit more than what's listed here, and anyone who'd want SkullTrail is a hundred times more likely to buy THREE. Or THREE Ultras :p  And I wonder if Intel will rush out some custom high-speed memory with the ECC crippled? For a whopping price of course..

    That in turn means that you'll be looking at a 1.2KW PSU AND a 300W 12V booster for the extra oomph (oh, and the missing PCIe connectors...) And they'd either want to dismantle and replace the southbridge cooler or invest in a whole lotta dampening material for the insides of the case to supress the unholy fan noise ;)  That'll bring the price up to mid-fives or low six grand, easy...

    Bit of a white elephant, this.
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    Element2k3 , 6 February 2008 09:59
    well, the life isn't just about playing games on the pc............this motherboard is done for professional use. boxx, sgi, apple, dell, hp ecc are using dual quads for years...........but we use them to create what you play a year later