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Benchmarks – BlackSite Area 51

Crossfire meets PCI Express 2.0 – More Lanes, More Frames?

We are including the individual results for the Geforce 8800 GTX, Ultra, GT and GTS-512 in the charts for reference. For the Crossfire comparisons between x16 + x16 and x8 + x8, we only benchmarked the relevant resolutions that had shown performance increases in previous tests. Any resolutions we didn’t test are marked "Kein Test" (“Not Tested”) in the charts.

chart benchmark geforce radeon

chart benchmark geforce radeon

chart benchmark geforce radeon

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    strangestranger , 15 January 2008 01:40
    all very nice but like every article before this one, you do not mention the causes of bandwidth uses. so, like all your previous article's here on toms it is absolutely useless for anything other than saying"ooh, look at the fancy graph, aint they pretty" because apart from graphs the article has damn all to do with testing anything.
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    Tom_Smart , 15 January 2008 13:55
    I found it useful, I now know I can save money by not upgrading just yet. That's more beer money in my pocket, that has to be useful.
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    Mugz , 15 January 2008 19:56
    What I have, serves my needs. Besides, these articles tend to be aimed at the games-playing mentally-preadolescent set, so they can't get too in-depth.
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    drmouse , 16 January 2008 16:17
    Erm.. am I missing something?

    If one card increases by about 7% going from x8 to x16, then each card in a crossfire setup would increase by about 7% going from 2x8 to 2x16. Therefore the overall performance would improve by 7%. Why would you expect it to increase by more ("twice as much, which we would have expected based on the single card results")? If anything it should increase by less, due to increased loads on the chipset/system memory/processor etc.