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Nvidia 3D Vision Surround: 3 Monitors With 3D

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If 3D gaming on one monitor isn't enough for you, maybe three will suffice.

Nvidia came out in force today, unveiling the next generation of Tegra as well as bolstering its presence in the 3D marketplace. This concerns the latter.

I stopped by the Nvidia booth earlier today to catch up on the latest and greatest in 3D tech. The press conference earlier today covered most of the bases, but the 3D Vision Surround demo beckoned. 3D Vision Surround takes the existing 3D Vision concept/hardware and triples it. In other words, you're playing a PC title, in 3D, over three different screens.

The hardware needed inside your gaming machine isn't as simplified as AMD and the Radeon 5000 series cards that can power three displays on one card. The Surround setup requires two Nvidia cards in SLI; The demo on the show floor was running two "Next Generation" GF100 GPUs. One GPU powers the left and center displays, and the other powers the right display. In this case, the displays weren't monitors, rather three 120 Hz DLP projectors pointed at one very long screen. If you happen to have three 120 Hz monitors lying around, you should be good to go.

There's no word on pricing and specific GPU compatibility just yet (I was told it will work with most Nvidia GPUs), and the launch time frame is within the next three months.

More on CES 2010.

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    Skid , 8 January 2010 19:17
    Hmm, did they mention at all if you could still have SLI mode enabled while using the 3 outputs on two different cards? Because I'm running a triple screen setup atm using 2 Nvidia cards in SLI mode and using a TripleHead2Go to get the three screen span.
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    Anonymous , 8 January 2010 20:12
    Do you know if this requires a newer version of the 3D vision kit? i.e. glasses and transmitter?
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    masterhtek , 8 January 2010 20:52
    it's just a marketing ploy to buy another card from Nvidia to use 3d "eyefinity" on 3 monitors, i no you need more performance to run this setup, but you should at least give consumers a choice. I'm surprised ATI didn't use the same tactic by allowing eyefinity on 3 monitors only with cross-fire enabled cards, but i'm glad they didn't lol