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Nissan Leaf Deliveries Delayed for UK Customers

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Nissan has been forced to delay the delivery of its new Leaf automobile to the UK because of a warning feature that has been fitted to the back of the European Car of the Year.

Those who have preordered the Leaf were all set to receive their new cars from Nissan's Japanese factory as the car-maker’s Sunderland-based Leaf assembly line will not be operational until 2013. However, it seems the Japanese preorders will now be subject to delay.

The Northern Echo cites Nissan as saying there would be a "slight delay" to the cars arriving in the UK as they had been fitted with a safety feature that sees the car emit a beeping noise when the car is reversing. Though it’s quite a practical safety feature for warning pedestrians who might be in the way, UK law has made it impossible for Nissan to ship the Leaf with this feature.

"An intermittent beeping noise is fitted as standard to commercial vehicles such as buses and lorries, but UK law states that the sound must be capable of being disabled between 11.00pm and 6.00am," a spokesperson said.

"The audible system on the Leaf did not allow for that to be done, so the beeping sound is being removed entirely before the cars can be driven on roads in this country."

Nissan says it remains confident that customers who placed preorders will get their cars by the end of the month.

Read more on the Northern Echo (via Engadget).

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