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Google, Apple Patent War Continues

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Motorola submits another claim against Apple, resulting in an invalidation and a likely appeal.

The patent war between Google and Apple continues to rage on. It initially started in 2010 with a claim against Apple. Here we are, three years later, and yet another claim has been launched, this time from Motorola (owned by Google) complaining over user interface control through sensors, which Apple has also been using. This patent (Number 6,246,862) has, however, been invalidated by the International Trace Center (ITC), striking a large blow against Motorola and Google. The company will predictably be making use of the laws that govern lawsuit appeals in the Federal Courts.

With this claim being the latest in a line of over a thousand patent complaints submitted, both companies are losing cases left, right and center, hopefully resulting in a soon-to-come stalemate that will end this childish bickering. Apple and Google should perhaps stop spending so much time in the courtrooms pointing fingers at each other, and alternatively invest it into R&D as well as costumer satisfaction.

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