Firefox Mobile Headed for Android OS?

Looks as though users with Android-powered phones may see the first beta of Mobile Firefox (Fennec) sometime in February. The German Mozilla Community Website was the first to reveal the news, reporting that most of the work on the browser has been completed.

Development of the browser originally began back in December 2009. Although the Firefox Mobile team has successfully launched the application on an Android-based phone, currently it's not able to surf the Internet. There's no indication on what still needs to be addressed, or it the team is actually on track for a February beta release.

Currently Firefox Mobile is available on Maemo-based devices, and also appears as an alpha for Windows Mobile smartphones. Recently Jay Sullivan, VP Mobile at Mozilla, showed a demonstration of Firefox Mobile during a Labs Night meeting held earlier this week.

If all goes well, Firefox Mobile should show up on the Android Market within the next few weeks.