Microsoft Promises to Expand Surface Lineup

Microsoft has promised to expand the lineup for its Windows 8-powered tablet, Surface.

Following its 2012 Q4 earnings report, chief financial officer Peter Klein discussed future Surface products, but was tight-lipped on specifics.

"We had limited distribution this quarter in our stores and we're excited about expanding that [distribution]," he said when responding to an analyst's question. "We're going to expand geographically, we're going to expand the product lineup, we're going to expand retail distribution and capacity," he said, in comments about Surface. Microsoft has made similar comments in the past.

Klein reiterated on multiple occasions that Surface contributed to its revenue. "Certainly this quarter it was a contributing factor to revenue growth in the Windows business." He added: "It highlights some interesting innovation that can happen...demonstrates the power of Windows 8 when tightly integrated with hardware and software."

However, Klein failed to divulge figures pertaining to sales of its Surface tablet. Analysts believe it sold one million units during 2012's fourth quarter.

Microsoft will launch the Surface Pro model on February 9, with the variant offering a more complete Windows 8 experience when compared to Windows RT. A new Surface RT model, meanwhile, will also be released in due course.


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