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LG Unveils Bluetooth-Packing LCDs

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LG today introduced a new line of LCD High Definition TVs. The LH70 series will initially have two models, measuring 42-inch and 47-inch. The displays have the now expected array of features and specifications, including 120Hz panels, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and speedy 2ms response times.

So what separates these new offerings from the rest of the HDTV pack?

Both LH70 LCD TVs will have a built-in Bluetooth module, allowing for a myriad of new features and connectivity options. If your neighbors are the type that call the cops whenever Street Fighter IV gets too loud, then use the TV with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. The TV can also be used with any Bluetooth-enabled computer, allowing for media to be transferred wirelessly and outside of a traditional network. The TV can also connect to Bluetooth cell phones.

On top of the Bluetooth feature, the LH70 TVs also sport USB connectivity. The port allows for any USB external hard drive to be hooked up to the set, letting users access media on large volumes. While there is no word on codec support as of yet, it would be a shame if LG allowed for two different types of media connectivity while dropping the ball on file types allowed. The LG Korea webpage dedicated to the new TV line reveals that DivX will be supported. Hopefully, some HD formats will make the cut.

The new sets will also feature LG's ambient light sensor, called the Intelligent Sensor. When enabled, the sensor will detect the amount of light in the room, and adjust the TVs backlight accordingly.

At a time where HDTV manufacturers are trying to become connected to everything else in your home, as well as the rest of the world, it's nice to see some new sets that make watching media one step easier. Price and availability of these new connected HDTVs is TBA.

For the Tom's Reader who can understand Korean, hit this link to see a video demo'ing the new sets over @ AkihabaraNews.

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    LePhuronn , 26 February 2009 02:38
    My 50PG7000 has the bluetooth in it - it's actually pretty cool for showing mates phone pictures and stuff, but so far the media support is weak so the latest viral 3G video or whatever doesn't run.

    The headphones are ace though as it's Bluetooth 2.0 but the quality is down to the phones itself.
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