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Jimmy Kimmel Shows Latest Victims of Apple Brainwashing

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Jimmy Kimmel tricks iPhone 4S owners into believing his iPhone 4 is an iPhone 5.

Over the years, Apple has masterfully honed its marketing skills to somehow sell more and more iPhones each year.

Although each iPhone update does come with changes to its hardware, some people just take the company's word for it.

On Wednesday, the company took the covers off of its latest cash cow, the iPhone 5. And as expected, floods of pre-orders came rolling through, nabbing all of Apple's initial supply in less than an hour.

But just how many of these pre-orders are from iPhone 4S owners who no longer appreciate their device? As Jimmy Kimmel puts it, each new Apple iPhone release seems to make current iPhones look worthless and obsolete.

To test just how powerful Apple's new iPhone marketing effects are, Kimmel's team took to the streets of Los Angeles to ask citizens to test out the new iPhone. Only, it was an old iPhone, two generations old to be exact. The iPhone 5 hasn't even shipped out to the masses yet.

Although Kimmel states the test was used with the current iPhone 4S, a closer inspection will reveal it was actually an iPhone 4. (You can tell by the marking located next to the audio jack) Despite holding a piece of two year-old technology, many described the "new" iphone 5 as faster, lighter and even bigger. What's worse is that many of the people interviewed own an iPhone 4S themselves.


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    Herr_Koos , 15 September 2012 16:02
    *evil laugh*
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    Motopsychojdn , 15 September 2012 17:00
    With news of the new i-phone 5 being released today, current apple customers said 'Baaaaah, I must have it...'
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    HEXiT , 15 September 2012 22:22
    it is just sad... i still have a trusty nokia 6500 slide. positivity ancient... lol...
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    spat55 , 15 September 2012 23:38
    HEXiTit is just sad... i still have a trusty nokia 6500 slide. positivity ancient... lol...

    I still use my sony erricson k300i, and a samsung u600, would rather put the money into a build!
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    Anonymous , 16 September 2012 00:34
    Same here. Nokia C3 complete with 10-12 day battery life. Rock solid stable. Bought for £79 unlocked. Never crashed once in 2 years of heavy use. Does phone calls, e-mail, SMS texts, MP3 & FM radio just fine. One iPhone fanboy I talked to actually seemed shocked that I only need to charge it once per fortnight not once per day...

    Him : "What do you do with it?"

    Me : "Um, make phone calls..."
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    silver565 , 17 September 2012 05:00
    This does not surprise me at all.... Typical iSheep
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    billybiff , 17 September 2012 15:45
    we are fast approaching a civ of taking everything we here on tv and adverts are true.
    Apple said the world is round the tv told me. i didn't belive it until apple said so.