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Transfer Performance and Diagram

Intel's X25-M Solid State Drive Reviewed

You will find all throughput-related low level benchmarks on this page.

The transfer diagram is as beautiful as can be, showing a constant throughput of 200 MB/s for sequential read operations and a bit more than 70 MB/s for sequential writes. At this speed, the X25-M beats even the fastest 15,000 RPM SAS hard drives for servers in reads, but in writes it cannot compete with fast hard drives. If you intend to do hard disk recording or other applications with demand for fast sequential writes, there are faster options available.

The throughput tests were performed on our storage reference test system. Please refer to the test setup page for details.

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    mi1ez , 9 September 2008 16:08
    Here it is, the new X25-M; the name sounds very much like an experimental hypersonic plane. And the analogy isn’t far off, since the new flash SSD provides excellent performance.

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    ashish_iub , 9 September 2008 19:41
    What the other companies are doing? They should have had a better performance as they demand to be expertise in this peripheral device. X-25 is going to head ..that's for sure. Waiting to see what the other vendor's do to boost up their performance.
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    Anonymous , 9 September 2008 20:26
    On page 13 the final graph looks wrong, given the stream read performace and the average power of the previous graphs the performance per watt for the intel should be closer to 810 not the 5000+ given