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Intel to Ship Value-Based X25-X SSD in Q4

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Intel said that it's shipping a value-priced SSD, the X25-X, before the end of the year.

An Intel partner recently informed us that Intel has an upcoming value SSD called the X25-X, which will be based on 34nm Flash memory, thus providing consumers a lower pricetag and competitive performance.

The SSD will fall short in both price and speed in comparison to Intel's X25-M series, which offers 250 MB/sec. read speeds, and 70 MB/sec. write speeds. Intel's other SSD, the X25-E, provides 250 MB/sec. read speeds and 170 MB/sec. write speeds, and costs a rather pretty penny.

According to specs revealed to us, the value SSD will provide reading speeds of up to 170 MB/sec. and write speeds of up to 40 MB/sec. The drive is poised to be priced under $160.

The X25-X should ship sometime before the end of the year, and will arrive as a 2.5-inch MLC drive with an earnest 40 GB capacity.

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    eskimo_1 , 17 October 2009 17:14
    2 of these beasts raid 0? Yeah boy!
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    aron311 , 17 October 2009 18:58
    Perfect for a midrange laptop drive me thinks
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    Scott2009 , 17 October 2009 23:48
    40GB isn't enough, make them 160GB to 320 GB, and $320 to $640, then Joe Average will want one.

    Honestly 70 MB/sec reads, and 35 MB/sec writes is fast enough (per MLC SSD), so long as it's got a good I/O controller / cache / buffer combo, etc

    It's the sub quarter of a millisecond seek times and raw I/O throughput people are after, esp for VM's 'On the Go' in a Laptop or Notebook solution.

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    waxdart , 19 October 2009 21:11
    Scott200940GB isn't enough,

    It's sad but true!

    Its the SSD for the OS and then no room for programs. Even at 100GB it would be wise to have Films and MP3s on HDD else wehere.

    @Rab1d-BDGR, yeap - I think it will be about a year- 18 months will be more interesting. the next version of PCI will should be out by then.

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    Anonymous , 19 October 2009 22:21
    40 GB is fine for a system disk - My current system partition is 20GB for win XP and programs - granted I don't use that many, but 40GB sounds fine in my world for a system disk. More space is better - but you don't really need your movies or MP3s running from an SSD - that's storage and SATA disks will rule still in years to come for most people
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    Scott2009 , 6 November 2009 16:32
    This is true, however for a laptop or notebook having both an SSD and a HDD/HHD is not always an option.

    My main desire is for improved virtualization performance on the SSD, thus it would have to be at least 128 GB, if not the aforementioned capacities.