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IBM Lays Off 2,400 People As Jobs Go Overseas

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IBM has axed around 2,400 members of its staff in the U.S., replacing them with overseas workers instead.

Bloomberg cites an employee advocacy group, Alliance@IBM, that says IBM has axed 2,400 members of staff, mainly from the company's U.S. operations. Spanning several divisions, the nationwide cuts occurred earlier this week. Alliance says that yesterday, 500 jobs were cut, but the group has been updating the number as it receives more severance documents.Lee Conrad, national director of  Alliance@IBM told Bloomberg, "We're getting reports from employees that they’re training the overseas replacements as they are getting cut.”

The cuts represent less than 1 percent of IBM’s workforce of 399,409. Last year the company cut 10,400 members of its staff in the United States and Canada.

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    das_stig , 4 March 2010 04:31
    Stupid question, why the hell are you training your replacements, tell IBM to get stuffed!
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    Anonymous , 4 March 2010 18:32
    In Ireland, As many American Multi nationals pull out they get their Irish Staff to Train Americans.. Works Both Ways..
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    stephenkendrick , 4 March 2010 19:15
    @das_stig - the way this usually works is you get an 'incentive' to train your replacement. This incentive is likely a severance package. Dirty business.