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Conclusion - Radeon HD 3450 can replace the HD 2400 Pro

Fresh from Canada - ATI's Radeon HD 3450 and HD 3650

In the end, the new 3000 series doesn’t really give owners of a Radeon HD 2400 Pro or HD 2600 Pro much of an upgrade incentive. The x400 models still only have 40 stream processors while the x600 versions are equipped with 120. Only the clock speeds have been changed so that the 3000 series parts use higher frequencies.

Compared to the Radeon HD 2600 Pro, the HD 3650 is about 25 percent faster. At the same time, it is currently also almost twice as expensive. Those who don’t need high 3D performance could see the HD 2600 Pro as a bargain part. The difference between the HD 2400 Pro and the HD 3450 is less pronounced. Both parts are available with passive cooling solutions and carry similar price tags. As a result, the 2400 Pro is likely to vanish from the market quite soon, since the HD 3450 can completely replace it.

If power consumption is a prime concern to you and every Watt matters, the 2000 series is still the better choice for you. Despite being produced on a 55 nm process, the models of the 3000 series consume slightly more power due to their higher clock speeds. UVD is included in both generations and helps the CPU decode HD content. Both the 2000 and the 3000 series can transmit video and 5.1 audio signals via HDMI (adapter).

MSI’s Geforce 8600 GT Shader OC-Edition represents a slightly more powerful alternative. While it can’t transmit audio via HDMI, it does offer video decoding functionality similar to that of the ATI cards, reducing CPU load. Also, its price tag is about €20 lower than that of the HD 3650.

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