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Shadows and Particle Effects

Crysis – The Ultimate Graphics Card Performance Shootout

In the Low quality setting, shadows are deactivated. There are no apparent differences between the shadow contours at the Medium and High settings.

Crysis DX10 GraphicsCrysis DX10 Graphics

Crysis DX10 GraphicsCrysis DX10 Graphics

A magnesium torch serves as a marker on the beach. The flickering light, the spraying sparks and the smoke are all tied to the torch’s position. You can even pick it up and throw it through the air. The light is calculated in real-time, creating eerie shadow patterns on bushes and palm trees. The torch also continues to burn under water, creating little eddies of rising air bubbles.

Crysis - DirectX10 Torch Low
Crysis - DirectX10 Torch Medium
Crysis - DirectX10 Torch High
Crysis - DirectX10 Torch Very High

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