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Motion Blur and Bumpy Terrain

Crysis – The Ultimate Graphics Card Performance Shootout

All of our test videos and screenshots were taken on a Geforce 8800 Ultra with 8x anisotropic filtering in Windows Vista. We provide a frame rate value for each of the screenshots, which pertains to that specific scene. In the highest quality setting, the illusion of depth for bumps etc is created using parallax mapping.

Crysis DX10 Graphics Crysis DX10 Graphics

Crysis DX10 GraphicsCrysis DX10 Graphics

The motion blur effect is always apparent when you swing around or change your viewpoint. In Vista, the effect vis only used in the post-processing levels High and very High. Our four test videos demonstrate how quick directional changes affect your characters perception.

Crysis - DirectX10 Movement Low
Crysis - DirectX10 Movement Medium
Crysis - DirectX10 Movement High
Crysis - DirectX10 Movement Very High

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