Google Makes its Logo a Playable PAC-MAN Game

Google often changes its logo to something that reflects an important event in history. Today, Google honoring the wonderfully amazing game that is PAC-MAN. The game turns 30 today and clearly Google wanted to do something really special.

If it doesn't start automatically, just click 'Insert Coin' (no one ever uses the 'I'm feeling lucky' button anyway, right?) and play to your heart's content. Just remember to turn down the speakers if you're at work because all that wakka-wakka-wakkaing could get you into trouble. If this doesn't give you that Friday feeling, nothing will.

[UPDATE] Google has updated its blog and officially announced the PAC-MAN game. The company has also revealed that if you press 'Insert Coin' a second time, Ms PAC-MAN shows up and you can play with two people. Expect no more news for the rest of the day, we're busy with a PAC-MAN tournament/accidentally killing off Ms PAC-MAN by trying to play two-player PAC-MAN by ourselves.