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Artist turns Google Earth into giant Where's Wally

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Google Earth has become fiercely popular since it was first launched. With increasing amounts of games to play on Google Earth appearing on forums, it was only a matter of time before the artsy types jumped on the band wagon.

Where’s Wally (or Where’s Waldo in some circles) is one of the only picture books that never really went out of fashion (unlike Wally’s trademark stripy jumper). First published in 1987 it was the work of British illustrator Martin Handford.

An artist by the name of Melanie Coles has released a picture of the storybook icon which she’s painted onto the roof of a building somewhere in the world. She challenges Gearthers to not only find Wally but encourages them to create their own portraits of Wally (also known as Waldo, Charlie, Walter, Holger , Willy or Hetti) in cites all over the world.

One problem is that we have no clue when the 55ft tall Wally will appear on Google Earth.

Some Google Earth Satellite images are years old and Google hasn’t said when they plan on updating the images. This is a similar situation to what we often believed as kids, “I bet Wally isn’t even on this bloody page”.

We’ll keep you posted on Wally’s location. No doubt there’ll be someone desperate to find him checking for updates everyday.

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    mi1ez , 15 April 2008 00:46
    If we do this logically, it should be easy...

    Hold on...

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    waxdart , 15 April 2008 16:20
    Well someone needs to be done over copyright; but I don't know who??