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Nvidia Gives Fermi GF100 Official GPU Names

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Up until now, we've been referring to the next-generation Nvidia GPU technology as Fermi or GF100. Today, Nvidia revealed the official marketing name for the new architecture.

Nvidia will be skipping the entire 300-range of model numbers as the Fermi-based cards will come in at the 400-level. As revealed in an Nvidia twitter update:

"Fun Fact of the Week: GeForce GTX 480 and GeForce GTX 470 will be the names of the first two GPUs shipped based on our new GF100 chip!"

Read more here for our exploration into the GF100.

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    mi1ez , 3 February 2010 01:07
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    flaminggerbil , 3 February 2010 02:13
    Wait....what's wrong with 300's? Why the fuck must they make it more confusing?
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    plasmastorm , 3 February 2010 03:00
    maybe distancing themselves from the fact that every card since the 8000 series has been a re-hash of old tech
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    Anonymous , 3 February 2010 03:38
    why is every computer news/hardware website so blooody dumb... the 300's are being used in laptops mabey if you knew your hardware better you wouldn't make such comment ( they aren't skipping the 300's
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    flaminggerbil , 3 February 2010 17:50
    Rab1d-BDGRA bit confusing, but as there are mobile 3xx cards based on older architectures it may actually be slightly less confusing in the long run if they redefine all "Fremi" architecture under a distinct 4xx banner.I just hope they can deliver on pricing, availability and power/heat. The rumours flying around make this sound like a big ask...

    The heat thing is sounding troubling as even Nvidia admitted to them being toasty, it'll most likely be worse then even they make it out to be.
    So what we can expect so far is an expensive, fast running new card which will most likely burn out within a year.
    On the plus side it'll push the price down on the 5xxx's!
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    Zijn , 5 February 2010 00:48
    Maybe they are trying to show double power hence: 2## - 4##?
    there are mobile 3xx, confusion?
    GTxbox360? trying to stay clear of that.. sounds stupid i know but you never know :p 
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    Mitche01 , 8 February 2010 19:01
    300 series is sold to OEM produts as was the 100 series

    Nvidia's own website states this: