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GamersGate VOID is Live, Play for Free After Watching Ad

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GamersGate is allowing you the ability to download and play games at the expense of watching an ad before you play...

Digital distributor GamersGate just recently launched VOID, an interesting new concept to digital gaming as it allows players to “rent” a game for free at the expense of watching an ad every time the game is launched.

All that’s necessary to use VOID is a GamersGate account. After selecting the “VOID” tab, users will be able to see the array of games that are available for a VOID download. Each user can only have a limited number of game slots to fill with VOID. After adding a game to their slots, users will be able to download the game an unlimited number of times. After a month’s time, users will have the option to swap out a slot for another game.

Each time a game is booted up, a quick ad will play before the player is allowed access to the game.

Speaking from personal experience, VOID actually works pretty well. I’m not a fan of ads, but the VOID ads are relatively non-intrusive. So far for me, the ads have been a hilariously outdated World of Warcraft: Cataclysm spot that plays each time I boot up my game.

Although the selection of games available via VOID is relatively slim, I think the concept is a great model for videogame rentals. I think it definitely is a good alternative to try and prevent piracy through sheer convenience.

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