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1.2GHz Galaxy S2 Launching Early at Phones 4u

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The 1.2 GHz Samsung Galaxy S2 is supposed to launch in May, however, it seems one retailer will be getting the device in a little before then.

If you’re desperate to get your hands on the speedy superphone that is the upcoming Galaxy S2 from Samsung, you might want to consider heading towards the nearest Phones 4u as soon as April 27 hits as the store has been given an early exclusive on the device. Or, you could even pre-order it now, via Phones 4u online, and guarantee yourself a Galaxy S2 a full four days before those buying from outside channels. You’ll also get a free 8GB MicroSD card for your pre-ordering troubles.

It’s unclear as to why Phones 4u has been given this exclusive head-start, but the company has wasted no time in gushing about how proud it is to be the first with this dual-core Exynos device.

"With its super-slim good looks and the latest Android 2.3 operating system, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the next step in the evolution of mobile,” said Russell Braterman, Marketing Director at Phones 4u.

"We're really proud to be the first retailer to offer the Samsung Galaxy S2 to our customers. The original Samsung Galaxy S was hugely popular when it launched last year, and we're confident the Galaxy S2 will be just as successful as its predecessor."

Pricing at Phones 4u will see the device offered free on a £35/month contract or £499 on a pay-as-you-go basis. In other Galaxy S2 news, Carphone Warehouse began taking pre-orders today, and yes, they’re still planning to launch on May 1. Pricing there is much the same -- free on a £35 a month contract, or £499.95 for PAYG.

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