[CeBIT 2008] - ASUS Unveils Second-Generation EeePC

We’ve been hearing rumours since the beginning of the year that the ASUS’ highly successful EeePC would soon spawn other models. Now it’s official. The "EeePC 900" will be much better equipped than its predecessor.

Asus EeePC 900Rumour has it that ASUS will be showing the EeePC 900 at its CeBIT stand. The new model will come with an 8.9" display which will fill out the laptop’s lid much more than the previous version’s 7" display. It will also come with twice was much RAM, featuring 1024 MB instead of 512 MB. ASUS will also switch to a larger SSD, moving from 4 GB to 12 GB.

According to ASUS, the EeePC 900 is a second-generation EeePC. It seems entirely possible that other models will join the small product line during CeBIT. ASUS has already sold more than 350,000 units of the original EeePC. Its goal for the end of the year is to increase that number to between 3 and 5 million units.

Due to the better feature set, the second-generation models will also see a €100 increase in price. The EeePC 900 will be available as of this summer for around €400.

You can visit ASUS in Hall 28 at stands D39 and E37.