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Is Dungeon Keeper Making a Return?

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This link at the United States Patent and Trademark Office website reveals that Electronic Arts has filed trademark registrations for Dungeon Keeper. Unfortunately, the listings don't reveal anything juicy, and it may be possible that the publisher is merely refreshing the Dungeon Keeper trademark. However, with reports claiming that EA my be reviving classic IPs developed by Bullfrog Productions, a new Dungeon Keeper title may be very well be a likely candidate.

UK developer Bullfrog Productions was founded by Les Edgar and Peter Molyneaux back in 1987. The company created numerous PC games including Populous, Syndicate and Theme Park before Electronic Arts acquired the company in 1995. However the developer was eventually assimilated into the EA collective after Molyneux and other members left the company, with the last titles to bear the Bullfrog logo published in 2001 (Aquarium, Theme Park Inc.).

Overall the Dungeon Keeper series spanned three installments, a real-time strategy series for the PC where players built and managed dungeons while fending off hero characters. Electronic Arts may be reviving the Dungeon Keeper series in retaliation to Blizzard's upcoming sci-fi themed RTS, StarCraft II.

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    Dangerous Beans , 20 August 2009 13:01
    "Overall the Dungeon Keeper series spanned three installments, "
    Wasn't the third cancelled?
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    azzinoth , 20 August 2009 14:49
    Yes it was... DK II still bring back memories... :) 
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    Anonymous , 20 August 2009 15:54
    God, never mind Dungeon Keeper, bring on the up-to-date graphics, modern physics and potential multiplayer tactics of Magic Carpet - how much does THAT lend itself to a dusting off? Descent really just wasnt the same...

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    waxdart , 20 August 2009 16:21
    I was a tester back at bullfrog when Dungeon Keeper was just being finished off. I was working on theme hospital (wishing I was working on DK).

    EA own these games and the teams that made them have moved on. They would be best left well alone or kept as they are and just given an asset update.

    They all had awful bullfrog flaws, which were kept at bay by being fun. But the repetition within and over 900levels would bored you now. The victories on map bearing no relation to another map also bugged me.
    The end of level 1 start of level two dynamic is very 80s.

    You've also forgotten all the bits Peter Molyneux said the games would do and then, when you play them - it was nothing like it. :) 

    But that said most bullfrog games were great - maybe not "Hi-Octane" :) )))

    For my game I'll pick - Powermonger, and I'd like to play it on the DS.
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    waxdart , 20 August 2009 16:24
    HOLD ON !!!

    Bullfrog also made flood!
    Bring that back with great water simulation effects. - nice.

    Why doesn't the bitmap bros bring out more stuff :( 
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    ijb , 20 August 2009 19:33
    I know someone who works at EA who told me about this. Apparently EA wants to get it out quite quickly and it could be quite a reduced version of the game. The idea at the moment goes along the lines of designing a dungeon by placing traps and then just letting the heroes in. If they reach you're dungeon heart that's it, you've lost. I hope it doesn't turn out that way or it won't do any kind of justice to DK 1 and 2
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    Anonymous , 26 August 2009 20:05
    A New Syndicate is what we really need.