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Crytek: Crysis 2 Will Have Best AI Ever in a Game

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 7 comments
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Virtual enemies will be "thinking, fair" foes when they blast off your head.

In a recent interview, Crytek boss Cervat Yerli promised that AI in the upcoming game Crysis 2 will be the best, most sophisticated seen in video game history. Although we've heard this plenty of times before from developers in the past, Yerli said that players will have "thinking," fair" foes. We'll believe it when we see it.

"We have the most advanced AI system in a game," Yerli said. "We think that Crysis 2 has the most advanced AI for both humans and aliens you've ever seen. They will be showing tactical co-ordination, they will be more challenging but not unfair--they will be truly intelligent, thinking, fair enemies."

He also indicated that gamers will enter a new realm of gameplay thanks to the almost-Skynet-like artificial decision making.

"I think from that perspective our gameplay experience will be very unique because on one hand you have a world that allows freedom, on the second hand a hero that allows freedom--but also an enemy that adapts to freedom and provides you constant challenge no matter what you do," he said.

Crysis 2 certainly "wowed" us back at E3 2010. Sounds like the game will truly blow our socks off when it hits stores this holiday season.

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    dizzycriminal , 21 July 2010 03:59
    They need to beat F.E.A.R then. No one else has done yet.
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    bv90andy , 21 July 2010 04:31
    We'll believe it when we see it
    end of article
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    Vampyrbyte , 21 July 2010 15:11
    This has to be said.
    Can the AI play Crysis?
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    AIstudio , 21 July 2010 19:03
    Anyone else feel like me i.e
    I just cant wait to get my hands on it and play it. Loved the first one and I am REALLY looking forward to the second one.
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    L0tus , 21 July 2010 22:31
    How is this good news?

    Now we'll need an i7-980X OC + insane GPU just to get by.

    *snarls menacingly*
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    Anonymous , 21 July 2010 23:24
    Good now they need to make a game, the last one had almost non existent gameplay. It was merely a gfx demo.
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