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Ex-CrunchPad Partner to Demonstrate New Tablet

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Fusion Garage plans to demo the CrunchPad tablet without TechCrunch this coming Monday.

We knew TechCrunch's CrunchPad partner, Fusion Garage, would be sharing their side of the story sooner or later. However, it seems CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan is killing two birds with one stone; the company has decided to hold a press event this coming Monday and the purpose of this event is to tell his side of thing as well as show off the CrunchPad.

Earlier this week Michael Arrington announced the death of the CrunchPad. Arrington said the device was killed by "greed and jealousy" as he explained that just just three days before the launch date, Chandra Rathakrishnan emailed Arrington and said Fusion Garage would be launching the CrunchPad alone, without the TechCrunch crew.

Today the San Francisco Business Journal cites Megan Alpers of San Jose-based McGrath/Power Public Relations who says Chandra Rathakrishnan will speak to reporters and demonstrate "the device" both in a video call and in private briefings scheduled for later Monday at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco.

"[Chandra] just wants to be able to share his side of the story and he’s going to be showing the device very briefly as well,"said Alpers.

Are you still excited about the CrunchPad demo? We're eager to hear what Chandra has to say and we'd love to see the how the CrunchPad turned out. Still, it all seems a little unfair on the TechCrunch guys who spend 18 months working with Fusion Garage to create the device.

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    blackwidow_rsa , 5 December 2009 07:01
    Wow what a douche thing to do. Let them do the work then stab them in back, I hope the product fails miserably.
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    strangestranger , 6 December 2009 01:45
    I trust the response will be reported here, although I do not know much aboiut this I am intigued by what has actually happened.
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    acecooper , 7 December 2009 14:49
    I'm really hoping that Chandra says something better than 'we're allowed to do what we did'... I wouldn't buy a product like this is I knew that the real owner isn't getting a penny of the profits... it feels like stealing.
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    iinweed , 7 December 2009 19:49
    I smell an Injunction coming....
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    strangestranger , 7 December 2009 22:55
    I can't believe a manufacturer would touch this with a barge pole with something like this hanging over it.