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UK ISP Sends Customer a Spare Router for His Cat to Nap On

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Now that's customer service!

Chances are, if you've got a cat, you know how weird they can be. You also probably know that they have an obsession with electronics and will sit on keyboards, consoles, and anything else with a power button. There isn't really much you can do to stop them, as cats generally tend to do whatever they like, whenever they like; and sitting on warm, cozy electronics seems to be pretty high on their list of likes. However, one ISP in the UK did manage to come up with a solution for a customer whose cat wouldn't stay off his router.

Reddit user Pope_friction recently revealed that a tongue-in-cheek complaint posted to his ISP's community discussion boards yielded an unexpected response.

"I'm having a problem with my router," the post began. "The problem is the router is apparently very attractive to my cat. She sleeps on top of it for most of the day and frequently knocks the aerial about, taking my wireless network down. She stays in the position shown above for hours, with the top of her head against the top of the router, as if she's interfacing with it somehow.

"I'm sick of my internet going down all the time due to this - is there a fix? I was thinking perhaps Be could send me a decoy router, then I could hide the real one somewhere else. I'm not sure if she could tell the difference."

Pope_friction included the following image with his post:

Not too long after, his ISP, Be Broadband, got in touch with him. The customer service rep said they had seen his post on the forums, confirmed that the issue was a common problem and agreed to help:

"We decided to send you a decoy router as you requested, however we will need some proof that the cat in the picture is a real one. Can you please send us more cute pictures of the aggressor?" they asked.

Be sent him a new router for his cat to sit on and explained that the best way to figure out her 'favorite' would be to plug both in and then attach the DSL cable to the one she doesn't sit on. The ISP added that if he ever decided to discontinue his service with the company, they would need the decoy router back and he'd have to appeal to his new ISP for help on the issue. 

"It is not a problem if the router have cat food properties, as (as we stated in the beginning) this is ongoing issue, so we might be able to re-use the router for the same purpose," Be said.

The best part? The new router was apparently nicer than the old one.

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*Image credit: Pope_friction

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    thisisaname , 6 March 2012 02:09
    Nice customer service. While I do not need a new ISP if I did I think I would have to look at Be Broadband first. Only seem to hear good things about them and not any thing bad.
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    Anonymous , 6 March 2012 03:03
    I have Be. They are great.
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    frankbough , 6 March 2012 03:32
    That is a winner.
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    andyp363 , 6 March 2012 05:14
    I would likely super glue a bunch of nails on top of it like they do to stop pigeons, dam cats know no respect...
  • 1 Hide
    dizzy_davidh , 6 March 2012 15:14
    seems like a bizarre maketting idea to me rather than a legit customer services incident
  • 0 Hide
    wild9 , 6 March 2012 18:56
    What a nice story :) 

    I think he is lucky.. our cats used to sleep on me for hours on end. Now the neighbour's cat does the same. I think they like the sound of the PC's case fans. They are spoiled rotten; last week the neighbour's cat was watching a video of a hot-air balloon ride over the English countryside. Once my legs were so numb I could barely move I got up and she followed me into the kitchen for some kippers, then it was back upstairs on my bed to sleep it off until chucking out time. Sometimes I wish I was a cat..
  • 1 Hide
    Rusting In Peace , 6 March 2012 19:34

    All my ISP does is back down over court orders to restrict websites, "double" speeds (in 18th months) and not charge for it (by increasing prices now)...
  • 0 Hide
    wild9 , 8 March 2012 07:54
    The bots resorted to (badly) quoting messages now? I do not endorse you in any way, bots - go back to the shadows or I'll set my cat on ya.