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12 Booth Babe Pics We Never Posted

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Booth babes of trade shows past. . .

Every trade show we attend has countless beautiful women wandering around. Paid to look great and make companies' products look even greater, most of these women are professional models. What usually goes down is one of the on-site editors takes all of the pictures and emails them to the other Bestofmedia editors. Sometimes we get pictures of women at the show who aren't booth babes and we post those, too.

While cleaning up an old hard drive last night, I happened upon an old "IFA women'08" folder from IFA Berlin. None of them had been posted on Tom's US but I was going to delete them, since they were a year old. That was until Tuan and Marcus made an executive decision and told me to post them because ... well, just because really.

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    shoota , 10 June 2009 03:30
    my how times have changed
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    Anonymous , 10 June 2009 03:47
    that really is quite sad..
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    wild9 , 10 June 2009 06:37
    How so?
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    shrex , 10 June 2009 07:37
    alot of them look quite butch, i thought my screen aspect ratio was wrong for a second
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    lumpy , 10 June 2009 07:45
    Wow..They look like..omg...Real women.
    Deal with it.
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    malphas , 10 June 2009 08:47
    Wow, what "babes".
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    lumpy , 10 June 2009 08:49
    I kinda feel sorry for both babes...if you think about it.
    It must suck to have fat tech/types drooling over You...I hope they get paid well.
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    rtfm , 10 June 2009 15:33
    This isn't some adolecent wank-fest website is it, why are you posting these kind of "stories"? As for the women, sure none of them are stunners but anyone older than about 18 should know that women that look like models are usually self obsessed shallow [insert expletive] anyway
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    waxdart , 10 June 2009 17:22
    rtfmmodels are usually self obsessed shallow [insert expletive] anyway

    Just take time to get to know us. You'll see we are just as vulnerable as you ugly people are.
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    wild9 , 11 June 2009 00:24
    I think they're all nice. A woman does not have to walk around half-naked, sporting a perfect hour-glass figure in order to be attractive. Far from it. I find those kind of aspirations demeaning and unrealistic. It's fine if you want a one-night-stand.

    Perhaps it's a case of a generations clash: our sector (IT), has a very broad range of interests as well as age groups; some of us grew up seeing women sprawled over imported cars, whilst others want to go beyond first impressions. The corporations however will aim for a specific image, because image sells.

    It's just a pity that some people can't differentiate between the fiction and the fact - and see anything less than perfect as weak, inferior. As walking around LA has shown me, this constant search for what some people see as perfection is sickening. It's a big turn-off for me as well. Some of the hottest women I've known have been fully clothed..they don't have to un-do their buttons to press mine.
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    Clintonio , 11 June 2009 00:43
    Suddenly when the women are white instead of oriental, people start going all crazy about "butch" or "ugly". They're not bad looking, not great either, but, I'm pretty sure most of us here aren't going to score top oriental models. Kudos to anyone who does though.
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    wild9 , 12 June 2009 22:09
    I don't care what their ethnicity or nationality they are..if they have a bitchy attitude it's bye from me. Beauty is very subjective, because there is more than one form and we are all different. Be pretty boring having only Intel to choose from.