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Avatar Breaks Blu-ray Piracy Records

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Avatar has broken Blu-ray sales records and it looks like it may have broken the record for illegal downloading too.

Over the last few days, people have been talking about the DVD and Blu-ray release of James Cameron's Avatar. Having sold 6.7 million copies in the four days following its DVD release, the movie sold 2.7 million Blu-rays and overtook the Dark Knight's Blu-ray sales on the first day.

Today TorrentFreak reports that the Blu-ray version of Avatar is well on its way to becoming the most pirated Blu-ray title.

"With more than 200,000 downloads in the first four days, Avatar has squashed all competition," TorrentFreak's Ernesto writes. "The download figures are still quite low compared to those of 'regular' pirated DVDs – this could be in part due to the larger file size (~10GB) and the fact that Blu-ray market penetration is nowhere near DVD levels yet."

Ernesto goes on to say that in the first few days, a high percentage of the downloads were coming from the UK and Australia, something that can probably be attributed to the fact that the DVD did not go on sale in those countries until after the torrent was made available on line.

The fact that Avatar is smashing Blu-ray records left and right should come as no surprise. However, more and more people are starting to believe this has less to do with how "revolutionary" the hugely popular movie is and more to do with the fact that Blu-ray is getting increasingly popular as time goes by. When the Dark Knight hit Blu-ray in 2008, adoption of the format was not what it is today.

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    Lewis57 , 29 April 2010 14:57
    Those who didn't see it in the cinema missed out.
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    mi1ez , 29 April 2010 15:31
    ...missed out on a crap film
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    jamesedgeuk2000 , 29 April 2010 16:02
    Lewis57Those who didn't see it in the cinema missed out.

    Why? the story was poor, the acting was average and the effects were good, that doesn't make an awesome movie

    Its not even 3D its 2D with an optical illusion that makes it appear in pseudo 3D, where I work Ive seen 21st century holograms and believe me they make Avatar look like Flash Gordon
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    Anonymous , 29 April 2010 16:54
    missed out on a good film.... that my opinion !

    deffo in my top 10 list along with terminator salvation, district 9 but who gives a sh1t i'm a nobody.

  • 1 Hide
    mi1ez , 29 April 2010 17:32
    salvation was ok but Avatar was just Fern Gully
  • 0 Hide
    devilxc , 29 April 2010 17:53
    I've not seen Avatar but I heard the story was just Pocahontas...

    Although I thought Salvation was poor.
  • 0 Hide
    mi1ez , 29 April 2010 18:11
    Bit of both really.
  • 0 Hide
    mactronix , 29 April 2010 18:40
    Hype it and they will come

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    Skid , 29 April 2010 19:56
    Today TorrentFreak reports that the Blu-ray version of Avatar is well on its way to becoming the most pirated Blu-ray title.

    This article published 29th, Torrent Freaks Article published on the 27th, you have an strange idea of today.
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    wonspur , 29 April 2010 20:37
    all the kids at my work were like "It was epic" which was the reason i didnt see it... epic is an overused term now a days ruined by the likes of world of warcraft
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    ksampanna , 29 April 2010 22:23
    Pity axxo does only DVD rips.
  • 0 Hide
    daglesj , 29 April 2010 23:08
    Everyone I know that went to see it said pretty much the same -

    "Looked great but the plot was pretty crap!"

    I dont feel I missed out by not seeing it.

    Saw Kick-Ass yesterday though. Good fun.
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    keytthom , 30 April 2010 05:42
    its a shame that blu ray can be pirated so easily, it leaves no desire fore dishonest people to do things legally.