Apple Brings Samsung Legal Dispute to UK

If you're starting to get tired of hearing about Apple and Samsung's long-standing patent disputes, you're not alone. With Cupertino and Samsung duking it out in numerous courts around the globe, it seems like a new country is added to the list every week. This week, the company is arriving in the courts of our own fair isle to file suit against Samsung.

The story is the same one we've heard regarding the suits in Germany, the Netherlands and Japan; Apple is claiming that Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets are too much like the iPad and iPhone and are infringing on Apple-owned patents. According to Crave, the suit, which was filed this week, is a response to a suit Samsung filed against Apple in June.

The two companies have been trading patent infringement accusations since April, when Apple filed suit against Samsung in a Northern Californian court. A week later, Samsung counter-sued, alleging that Apple was infringing upon Samsung patents relating to mobile communications technologies. These suits were filed in Seoul, Tokyo and Germany.

Since it all began, Apple and Samsung's legal disputes have spread to more than 20 countries and actually resulted in a temporary Europe-wide ban of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. A court in the Netherlands recently ordered a ban on the Galaxy smartphones in several European countries and Australia is currently waiting for a hearing that will decide whether or not the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is allowed to go on sale there. It's widely believed that Apple is indirectly targeting Google and Android with its suit. If courts side with Cupertino in the Samsung suit, it's possible Apple will go ahead and file against Google.