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Rumored: Huawei U8230

17+ Androids Assault the iPhone

Huawei may not be a name you associate with mobile phones. In fact, it may not even be a name you’ve heard at all. However, Huawei is a leading company in data communications, so an Android phone certainly isn’t out of reach. The U8230 is a very ambitious dive into the Android arena. It is expected to have a 3.5" capacitive touch screen, much like the iPhone, but perhaps taking it a step further, using an OLED display. On the reverse side, there is a 3.2 MP camera, which is another iPhone-like feature. Even the general design is very iPhone-like. It’s fairly evident that the U8230 is intended to be a direct competitor to Apple's famous smart phone, capable of going blow for blow with its hardware. While the launch date is undisclosed, it’s rumored that T-Mobile will scoop up the U8230 and call it the Pulse, to be released by October 2, at least in The Netherlands.

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