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Samsung Tablet in August with Super AMOLED

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A Samsung tablet is rumored to be in the works. No surprise there.

The latest company to jump on the tablet bandwagon is rumored to be Samsung. Various sources are indicating that the company is working on a 7-inch device called S-Pad, and is slated for a launch sometime later this year, perhaps in August. But at the time of this report, Samsung has neither confirmed or denied the rumor.

As for the hardware specs, the S-Pad is believed to use Google's Android OS and will also feature a Super AMOLED display as used on the Samsung Waver and Samsung Galaxy S phones. The device is also said to offer 3G and Wi-Fi connections, USB ports, and access to Samsung Apps. The company is also said to be developing "high quality" applications that should compete with Apple's iPad.

Unwired View points out that Samsung already offers tablets including the just-released Samsung Mondi which features a full QWERTY keyboard, WiMax, HDMI TV Out, 4 GB of memory, and runs on Windows Mobile 6.1. The Mondi also sports a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, making it more phone-like in size than a tablet.

The Samsung S-Pad would have the upper hand if it too included an HDMI TV Out feature. For now, everything is speculation and word of mouth until the company offers up something official. Consumers may hear more about the tablet in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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    excalibur1814 , 5 May 2010 15:20
    The Samsung Ultra Q1 was one of the best UMPC devices I've ever used and once you set the Display DPI to 125%, it was far easier to use as a Stylus/touch device, as is the Asus R2h.

    Its a shame that people now think that Windows isn't suitable for Tablets as, frankly, configured right, it is. :( 
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    mi1ez , 5 May 2010 16:52
    I think Windows7 looks just fine for tablets, I just don't see why so many companies think every man and his dog want one!

    They have their uses, sure. But I don't know a single person in the slightest bit interested in owning a tablet.
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    LePhuronn , 5 May 2010 17:30
    mi1ezBut I don't know a single person in the slightest bit interested in owning a tablet.

    I want one :p  but I want a proper OS on it, not just something I can "consume media" on.
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    excalibur1814 , 5 May 2010 18:05
    @mi1ez: Exactly. I love the format but seldom have a use for it. Sure, the Latitude XT2 has just enough speed (with SSD) to be quite a good machine, plus a sofa surfing device but that could be filled with a simple netbook.

    In all the years, each person who's seen the tablet format has all gone, "Ohhh, thats different!" and then walked off. Did they buy? No. I know of no other person who owns a tablet, not one. (Over 200 people here)

    Will a few of them buy an iPad? Yes. Why? It's shiny. :) 
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    andybird123 , 5 May 2010 18:20
    I've got an Acer 1820ptz convertible tablet / laptop. There are times when a tablet on it's own doesn't cut it and you need a full keyboard, but for watching movies, reading emails, browsing the web, showing catalogues to customers etc, it's great, plus being a convertible it does just flip over into a normal small laptop to let you type (and it's half the price of an XT2), and for office use I just use a seperate monitor and mouse as the keyboard is actually a decent size
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    excalibur1814 , 5 May 2010 20:22
    (I purchased a faulty XT from Ebay fro £300.. it had a FULL extended damage warranty. After a few calls and engineer visits, Dell eventually sent out a BRAND NEW XT2)

    All for £300. :)  Woohoo.

    Other than that, the XT and all the new i7/i5 tablets that are about to arrive are all far too expensive. :( 
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    may1 , 5 May 2010 20:38
    First we have LED, then OLED, then AMOLED....
    now we have SUPER AMOLED...
    WTH is this? Are we gonna have super-duper AMOLED in a year-or-so time??
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    excalibur1814 , 5 May 2010 22:29
    Its so people can say, "Ohhh, I have such and such a screen!"
    and others reply, "...and I have a big D...."