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AMD 780G Chipset- Full-HD Playback with a Sempron

Until now, it was only possible to create a CrossFire configuration using dedicated ATI/AMD add-in graphics cards. Now, AMD is adding the integrated graphics chip of the 780G/V chipsets to the list of dual-GPU capable parts.

780G Hybrid CrossFire780G Hybrid CrossFire

The card that is paired with the 780V/G graphics unit has to support Hybrid CrossFire, narrowing down the selection to a handful of models. We conducted our Hybrid CrossFire tests using a Radeon HD3450. Out of interest, we also installed a Radeon HD3850. However, the on-board GPU automatically deactivated itself, so that it was no longer available to create a CrossFire combination.

AMD 780G

When a hybrid-enabled graphics adapter is installed into a 780G/V system, the built-in GPU’s HDMI/DVI and VGA connectors are disabled, meaning that the first display has to be attached to the add-in card.

AMD 780G Gigabyte

Unlike all previous on-board graphics solutions, the integrated HD3200 is not deactivated when a (hybrid-enabled) add-in graphics card is installed, remaining active instead.

After Windows Vista or XP start up, the operating system recognizes the new dedicated graphics card and the integrated HD3200 GPU remains available in the system.

780G Hybrid CrossFire

The CrossFire option in the graphics driver does not differentiate between the hybrid solution and the conventional dual-card combination. With a simple click on the dual-GPU function, we activated the CrossFire combination consisting of the on-bard HD3200 and our dedicated Radeon HD3450.

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    paradigital , 5 March 2008 14:53
    Page 2 - "HD3400 in the northbridge"... "The 780G comes with a Radeon HD3200 chip"
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    mi1ez , 5 March 2008 15:59
    Why were there gaming benchmarks in this review? Surely nobody is going to use this solution for gaming? HTPC is it's forté.
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    waxdart , 5 March 2008 16:12
    Encryption increases load on the CPU!
    Thus it uses more power; some will have to upgrade causing needless waste.

    DRM/Encryption is bad for the environment. I say ban it.
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    Flakes , 5 March 2008 19:24
    I think its a brilliant little GPU, and should increase the competition on the integrated front which will only be good for PC gaming, after all everyone that doesnt like PC gaming says its because its complicated or doesnt want to spend over odds for a GFX card... this way even the little guy will be able to stick in a game and play the recent titles at low-mid settings, unlike current chips which can only play older games at low-mid.
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    americanbrian , 5 March 2008 19:47
    I would like to see the benchmarks done with the dedicated memory slot for the GFX used. I think its a brilliant wee feature, assuming it can actually affect performance in any significant way.

    Any chance of that please.

    Can you add faster ram than the main system uses? Is it DDR2 or 3 let me know.
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    benkraft , 5 March 2008 22:20
    paradigitalPage 2 - "HD3400 in the northbridge"... "The 780G comes with a Radeon HD3200 chip"

    What the author meant to say that the 780G incorporates an HD3200 GPU, which is an HD3400-class graphics processor.

    mi1ezWhy were there gaming benchmarks in this review? Surely nobody is going to use this solution for gaming? HTPC is it's forté.

    The gaming benchmarks serve as a point of reference, letting you compare the performance of the 780G to dedicated graphics cards. Also, casual gamers may use this board in their main system. And let's face it - considering this is an integrated GPU, the performance is really pretty amazing.
    Remember Nvidia's first nForce? Yeah, just saying... ;) 

    americanbrianI would like to see the benchmarks done with the dedicated memory slot for the GFX used. ...

    Trouble is that none of the motherboard companies have actually announced produccts that will take advantage of this feature. Thus, the lab team weren't able to test this feature. Let's hope for such a product in the future, though.

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    grnrg , 6 March 2008 13:29
    Everybody sais it supports bluray and VC1, AVC etc...
    Does anybody has an idea if it can support HD-audio as well?...
    At least as bitstream through hdmi...
    Is it HDMI 1.1? 1.2? 1.3a,b?
    Its new generation chipset... so, does it FULLY supports the new formats?...

    Nobody knows, and the reviewers are too busy to say that it gives 14fps in quake with 320% performance gain (wich is useless) than to fully test it in HD content...
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    TiddlyPom , 17 March 2008 22:49
    I have been using AMD processors all the way through since Socket-A and although Intel have a performance advantage at the moment, I strongly believe that AMD have got their architecture correct. Having said all that I run Linux (Ubuntu - and Mythbuntu - and have to stick with NVidia cards at the moment due to dire support from AMD/ATI for TV-Out support under the Linux FGLRX driver (AMD Proprietry). Once CrossFire is supported under Linux ( then I'll switch back.
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    Apodo , 30 March 2008 19:50
    Will be some form of reviews of the upcoming motherboard that use this new chipset?.
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    David345 , 15 April 2008 23:50
    does anyone else think its a shame that you cant match the intergrated HD3200 with something more powerfull such as a HD3870? That way this chipset would have a significant advantage over Intel's intergrated option, as well as increasing the apeal of ATI cards
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    0minous , 15 July 2008 02:40
    There is a JW-RS780UVD-AM2+ with 64M dedicated GDDR
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    cthulhu1 , 16 March 2010 04:37
    can i put 6 hdd on these sata ports in non-raid config. or some of them are exclusively for raid use?