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AMD 780G Chipset- Full-HD Playback with a Sempron

Until now, it was only possible to create a CrossFire configuration using dedicated ATI/AMD add-in graphics cards. Now, AMD is adding the integrated graphics chip of the 780G/V chipsets to the list of dual-GPU capable parts.

780G Hybrid CrossFire780G Hybrid CrossFire

The card that is paired with the 780V/G graphics unit has to support Hybrid CrossFire, narrowing down the selection to a handful of models. We conducted our Hybrid CrossFire tests using a Radeon HD3450. Out of interest, we also installed a Radeon HD3850. However, the on-board GPU automatically deactivated itself, so that it was no longer available to create a CrossFire combination.

AMD 780G

When a hybrid-enabled graphics adapter is installed into a 780G/V system, the built-in GPU’s HDMI/DVI and VGA connectors are disabled, meaning that the first display has to be attached to the add-in card.

AMD 780G Gigabyte

Unlike all previous on-board graphics solutions, the integrated HD3200 is not deactivated when a (hybrid-enabled) add-in graphics card is installed, remaining active instead.

After Windows Vista or XP start up, the operating system recognizes the new dedicated graphics card and the integrated HD3200 GPU remains available in the system.

780G Hybrid CrossFire

The CrossFire option in the graphics driver does not differentiate between the hybrid solution and the conventional dual-card combination. With a simple click on the dual-GPU function, we activated the CrossFire combination consisting of the on-bard HD3200 and our dedicated Radeon HD3450.

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