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Power Consumption - 73 Watts during Blu-ray Playback

AMD 780G Chipset- Full-HD Playback with a Sempron

Equipping our AMD 780G board with an Athlon X2 BE-2350, we measured the lowest power consumption of any system in our lab so far during playback of a Blu-ray movie – a mere 73 Watts.

AMD 780G

AMD also sent us a sample of the new Athlon X2 4850e which only drew 74.37 Watts when playing back a Blu-ray movie with PowerDVD 7.3. This processor is expected to hit the shelves within the next few weeks. With Cool’n’Quiet activated, the 4850e has the lowest idle power consumption of any CPU in our lab.

AMD 780G

Athlon X2 4850E

AMD 780G

Since the on-board GPU handles all of the decoding operations for the H.264 and VC-1 codecs, the power consumption of the brawnier CPUs increases only marginally. Thanks to its four cores, the Phenom only draws 9 Watts more than the Athlon X2 BE-2350. Since the multi-threaded Cyberlink codec takes advantage of all of the Phenom’s four cores, the CPU can run at lower speeds, conserving energy.

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