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Benchmark Results: 3DMark 11

The 990FX Chipset Arrives: AMD And SLI Rise Again

The overall chart for 3DMark 11 indicates that, at the Performance setting, Intel’s Z68-based platform has an advantage. This advantage quickly evaporates when graphics details are pushed to Extreme.

Even when you’re talking about two drastically different processor architectures and the massive performance of a pair of GeForce GTX 570s in SLI, graphics horsepower is still the bottleneck at the end of the day.

This is proven in both Graphics scores, where the GPU subsystems keep even pace with each other.

Conversely, the Physics benchmark favours Intel’s setup. And when you take demanding 3D workloads out of the picture, the numbers don’t change much in shifting from Performance to Extreme.

Finally, in the Combined suite, we see a potent processor help Intel in the less-demanding test, while an elevated graphics workload evens things out in the Extreme metric.

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