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Crucial DDR3-1333 CAS 9

High-Density DDR3: Five Dual-Module 8GB Kits Compared

Also available as single modules and in triple-channel kits, two of Crucial’s CT51264BA1339 4GB DIMMs make up each 8GB CT2KIT51264BA1339 dual-channel kit.

Crucial’s standard components are far more conservatively rated than its Ballistix line, focusing on ultimate stability and compatibility rather than peak performance. These parts consequently require no added voltage and provide no XMP overclocking profiles. But that doesn’t prevent tuners from seeking the highest-possible performance. In fact, we’ve often tested standard components that meet or exceed the capabilities of similarly priced “performance” parts, although this must be proven on a per-product basis.

Given Crucial’s intended market, it’s no surprise that these DDR3-1333 modules are programmed with 9-9-9-25 timings. What is surprising is that they also include a DDR3-1522 automatic-configuration value. The usefulness of the highest setting remains unclear, since these devices aren’t marketed directly for overclockers.

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