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Benchmark Results: I/O Performance And Access Time

9.5 Versus 12.5 mm: Which Notebook HDD Is Right For You?

All I/O performance tests reveal that the 640GB two-platter drive is faster. Since the difference is pretty large, it's obvious that high I/O performance wasn’t part of the 1TB model's performance requirements.

Access Time

Access time is longer on the three-platter drive, which corresponds to what we’ve seen in I/O testing.

At this point, we have to assume that the high-capacity drive was optimized for throughput, while the 640GB model received firmware more suitable for I/O intensive workloads.

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    smartroad , 27 May 2010 17:40
    Just make sure your note/netbook can take a 12.5mm drive. A few years ago I upgraded my Macbook only to find out it could only take a 9.5mm drive!
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    tranzz , 9 August 2010 18:53
    Having already read this article I glanced in to check the date May!!! Why is it up again?